target your method of approach Expand your channels dramatically using technology and management solutions from Recom.

drive your sales velocity We can help build and refine your digital markets for maximum sales and growth.

expand your vision The network is the customer. We are expert at managing digital selling across multiple social networks and selling sites.

Launch. Accelerate. Expand.

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LAUNCH. Do you have a great idea for a new business, but lack the time, technology and digital strategy to get it off the ground? Recom has the right team of technology and business experts to make your ideas come to life.


clock iconACCELERATE. In the age of digital sales, it is time to accelerate your business growth.  Recom can help build and manage your digital channels, driving sales velocity and consumer connections.


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EXPAND.  Traditional retailers are no longer the path to serious growth.  The network is your sales channel and we can help you expand in multiple directions for maximum results.